Getting Started-

Cash or Terms?

Want to sell your house fast, with no fees, no agents, and no commissions?

Have a home that needs massive repairs?
We specialize in heavy repairs. We can buy your home as-is.

Trouble making payments?
We can help you stop those payments by purchasing your home quickly with no costs and no hassle.

Did you inherit a home you want to sell?
We make it easy to sell inherited homes, even if you live out of town.

So, you’d like to sell your home?  But you don’t want to pay a realtor commission?  Or maybe you’d rather just keep some of that money in your own pocket?

We solve that!

With our expertise in Cash deals, lease option, seller financing, and other alternatives to a traditional sale, and our huge network of prospective buyers and investors, we can stop the financial hemorrhage fast!

You choose which option works best for you!

Sell Your Home Today, Cash!

We will give you a cash offer on any house with no obligation!

We are Tri-Cities based real estate investors who have created the most effective ways to help homeowners sell their houses quickly, at a fair price, Cash.

Selling your house can be expensive and complicated. Real estate agents will charge thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a single sale. We take the stress out of selling your property.

How to Get FULL Asking Price?!

If you are open to a non-traditional sale or lease option terms, we can offer you much better pricing.  We may be able to take over your monthly payments, even if your home is “underwater”.  We can also offer to pay all cash and close quickly.

The first step is to complete the Property Information Worksheet. This form gives us the necessary information so that we can research the property and establish value, as well as help answer the prospective tenant-buyer’s questions about your home.

We can usually get started marketing your property right away!  We currently have thousands of people in our database that are looking to move into a home immediately, so the sooner you get us the information we need, the sooner we can get your house sold!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sell or Lease Option your home to the professionals at Nava Tri-Estates, and free yourself from the burden of your monthly payments!!

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