Long Term Rent

- Are you tired of cleaning up after tenants?

- Do you spend all your passive income on maintenance for your rentals?

- Do you want monthly income without the Landlord headaches?

We offer a solution to these problems with our Long Term Rent program!


In this program, we can get you your passive income and also buy your property!

We take care of all the landlord duties!

We can buy at the time of your choosing. Whether its 1, 2, or 5+ years. The longer you rent the more MONEY you make.

This is because we will be giving you monthly payments then buy on agreed upon price on your terms!

How It Works:

1) We come to an agreement on the terms.

How long do you want to rent

How much rent/month

How much you are asking for your property.

2) We do all the legwork and Landlord duties while you collect your passive income.

3) Once the term is up Cash Out Your House!

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