Are you ready for a fast and simple way to make an extra $500 - $1,000 this month?

Our referral program is what you are looking for!

The process is simple.


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 Find houses. You will need to find property that are beat up, ugly, or boarded up. Take a picture and get the address.

For tips on locating houses Click Here

Method 1 - Drive For Dollars

Drive around looking for vacant properties. Vacant properties are houses that are boarded up, burned up, and/or distressed.

Method 2 - Ask around

Ask your friends and family if they need to sell their house. (For best results, stay consistent)


Send us your referrals.

Text us your name along with the referral address and a picture of the property.

Phone: (509) 316-5165



We will work on acquiring and closing the deal.

(May take up to 2 Weeks)


Pay Day!

When we close on the house, we will send you a text along with your earnings!

If you have any questions, ask us in our quick chat, shoot us a Text or visit our Facebook.

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